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First off I want to apologize to everyone for not responding to comments or thanking for faves/watches/ect. I've been kindof busy...
I fully intend to get back to you all on the comments when I can, but I have a backlog of about 870 comments so bear with me! ^^;
This may take a while.....

As for the faves/watches/ect. I'm afraid I can't thank for faves anymore. :(
I'll still thank for watches but I just don't have time for fave thanking so if anyone of my favers is reading this now, thank you!

Well, I guess I need to adress the title here.
You read right, I'm not going to submit any more artwork for a while. I'm having to send my computer back to the school and at the moment Photoshop is in the process of deactivating and unistalling.
I'll have access to my mom's laptop for the semester and I have permissions to put art software on it, but my computer times will be severly limited until I can get a laptop of my own.

Lanz, Kylie, I owe you both Christmas art still - don't let me forget it! ;P
And I promised an Eevee to a few people so I'll do my best to get that done as well.

For the present I have a room to clean, schoolwork to do, books to read and I have Mass tomorrow morning! :XD:  
( Oooh, I hope they play that one hymn-AGH I can't remember the name! :dohtwo: )

On a completly unrelated and irrelevant note, who else can't wait for Spring? I'm SO over this cold weather! :giggle:
Ugh, and I'm going to have to walk down the street in these temperatures during the March For Life in DC. :omg:
*sigh* Oh well.
It was my choice and it's worth it for the women and children! :iconanimefaceplz:
I'll just offer my sufferings as a penance. :aww:  

( No mean comments on this please, I don't need more hatespew. :|  )

I still hope Spring comes soon - warm weather and green things and flowers and EASTER! :clap: Oh, and a bunch of new Pokemon games come out in March! :woohoo: I do so hope the creek has filled up again...:aww:

God Bless, everyone! Peace and Joy for you and all your kin. :hug:


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Itoshiino Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010
Good luck with the March for Life! I will be with you in spirit, since I can't go myself (went to the Healthcare Rally back in November '09, planning on going to more "Teaparties" too if we can afford it).

Concentrating on Japanese studies and Political education this year - along with my Health. :D
Doeray-G Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
sorry to hear your computer is gone- i pray you get a new one soon.

a friend of mine works as a csr for an online company and he said many of them have end of year discards of 'old' computers and laptops that people can get for crazy low prices. He got mine for less than 100 dollars and it has wifi with it. you may have to install a bit of software (i have to put word on mine) but those are free downloads so its really not a bad deal.

If there are any call centers around you they may have the same deal.

I can wait on my Eevee. :)
Random-Gal Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Well, I haven't sent it back yet.
I'm still in the process of backup. ^^; But it'll probably be going back within this week and I have to wait 'till my mom gets hers backed up to install Photoshop again.

"call centers"? :?

Thanks for your patience :thanks:
Doeray-G Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
yeah. telemarketing companies are called call centers. it's were all the phone employees are stationed. same thing in larger educational institutions. easiet way to tell your talking to someone in a call center is all the noise of other voices in the background.
Random-Gal Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Ah, ok. :aww:

LOL I just remembered.....:giggle:
A friend of mine likes to play pranks on telemarketers. He puts on a fake accent and asks them if they want to buy carpets. :XD:
Then when they tell him they want sell him something he acts hurt and says "So you're not going to buy a carpet?:("

And so on and so forth :rofl:
Doeray-G Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
:rofl: that is sooooooooooooooo funny! wish i had thought of it!
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January 9, 2010